Roufs Property Maintenance


Daily Cleaning and Housekeeping Services

We cater to each of our customer's specific needs. If your facility is a 1,000 sq foot office suite or a 400,000 medical facility, we have the experience necessary to find a solution to your daily cleaning needs.

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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning your carpets annually or bi-annually can lead to a 50% increase in lifespan of your investment .

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Vinyl Floor Care

Our skilled floor care experts have the attention to detail to make your VCT or vinyl sheet flooring look like new.

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Concrete/Terrazzo/Stone Polishing

Whether it is brand new or decades old we can make your floors look incredible.

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Cold and Flu Outbreak Prevention

We use state of the art equipment to efficiently complete total surface disinfection. This will keep your employees in the offices, students in the classrooms and children attending daycare.

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Other Specialty Cleaning

We offer various solutions to a wide range of exterior and interior cleaning needs.

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